About Helen Burton

Helen’s passion is bringing together smart, motivated individuals who seek an environment where they can exchange brilliant ideas, knowledge, and live a happier life. Helen Burton, also known as the ‘Connector’, has been creating and leading groups since 2001. Helen’s spirit and energy is fed by the amazing results the participants achieve. People connect on a deeper level because the group environment allows them to safely share and learn secrets about themselves. This support helps everyone in their daily lives and shares tools and perspectives to achieve happiness and peace.

After receiving her certification from iPEC as a Certified Empowerment Coach, Helen worked with clients to empower their lives and businesses. Now she is working with older adults to help them unlock their passions and dreams.

She is the author of Skyrocket Your Business in 30 Days–While Having Coffee with Helen and hosts Princeton Television’s “Skyrocket Your Business” show.

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2 thoughts on “About Helen Burton

  1. I think we all have to find ways to keep interested and vital. At 70, I am still working as a preschool teacher. Most of my peers are retired and glad to be. I am thankful to still be working and enjoy what I am doing. I hope that I will be able to continue for several more years, if my body cooperates. I think the physical challenges are the hardest.


    1. Hi Roz:

      Can’t thank you enough for your comment and helping to get the blog off the ground. What a beautiful gift you are giving yourself by still working at a job you enjoy. We are all unique and what makes one person happy does not necessarily give another person fulfillment. You are a loving person and how lucky the children are to have you as a teacher.


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