Seventy — What a Great Adventure!

Hi everyone,

My name is Helen Burton and I turned 73 this spring. What happened only yesterday I was 48? To be part of this online community, we are not going to check your age and welcome anyone who wants to be part of it.

My hope is that we build a loving, supportive community where we can share our realities of life. Not being able to get up from a chair without sound effects, walking slower, having to rest after a very busy day, etc. Also, having the strength to volunteer at a children’s event, or take a long bike ride or have deep and meaningful conversations with younger people, which enables us to feel young inside.

Being in my early seventies is an exciting time. Having the freedom to explore many opportunities, meet new friends and sometimes the experience and wisdom to make healthy choices. I would love to hear about you, your dreams and ideas for building this community.

Life goes on and having a place to share our reality is comforting. So let me hear from you by either leaving your comments below or sending me an email at

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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