My Food Journey

Throughout my life I have always been obsessed with food. As a young child I never wanted to eat, and my mother made me milkshakes and gave me cookies so that I wouldn’t starve to death. This food drama continued until I was seven years old. At that point, I finally started to like certain foods – and everything changed. To my horror, I started gaining weight.

I discovered that food wasn’t just a substance for survival; instead, it made me feel better for a short while. At times I wish my dislike for food as a young child would have continued.

Through the years I became a Yo-Yo Dieter, losing weight and gaining it back. Reading an article about food obsessions, I learned of a group called Over Eaters Anonymous. They had scheduled meetings near my home. I was always looking for the perfect diet, so I decided to go. That night I found the perfect food plan, which consisted of eating three meals a day and two snacks twice a day. At breakfast I usually had yogurt and cereal with fruit and for lunch and dinner: 3 ounces of protein, 4 ounces of carbs, vegetables, and fruit. The snacks were 2 ounces of protein and fruit. I followed the food plan for ten years and kept the weight off.

Then one day, while out to lunch with friends, I ordered a hamburger with fries and had dessert. It felt so good to eat anything I wanted that I continued through the next three years to enjoy myself. There was only one problem: the numbers on the scale were getting higher. Periodically I went on a diet, but that never lasted for more than two to three weeks.

A year ago, I received a flier in the mail from Weight Watchers and after reading the success stories, I decided to try their food plan. It was easy to follow and I did not have to deprive myself as on other diets. Within six months, I lost the weight gained during the previous three years and felt one hundred percent better. To this day I am still following their plan.

My obsession with food has not disappeared, but a willingness to keep the weight off has made it a little easier. I have learned different techniques to combat the feelings of wanting to binge.

If the cravings are very strong: I take a walk outside, weather permitting; sit down at the table and cut an apple into tiny pieces which take a long time to eat; drink a large glass of water; or brush my teeth – it really helps!

To be honest with you, these techniques do not work all the time and I sometimes have moments when I can’t stop myself from bingeing on crackers, ice cream or peanut butter from the jar. But lately, my cravings for wanting to binge have been occurring less and less.

I find that my feelings of wanting to eat are caused by being stuck in the house, worried about something, or bored. Knowing what triggers the feelings has really helped. I can call a friend, watch a good movie, or discuss what is going on in my life with my daughter or friend.

What is your relationship with food and what are some of the techniques you use to handle the cravings? Our community is a place where you can feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and ideas. Click on the button below and leave your suggestions so we can learn from each other.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

2 thoughts on “My Food Journey

  1. This is a grat article! I also have a love hate relatinship with food. I love food but hate to eat. REcently I started doing Hot yoga and that really has changed my food intake. I am careful of what I eat as it affects what I love to do (yoga) I have started juicing which as been a fun and rewarding experience. I love that I can just have a drink of something and be satisfied for hours. Today I had Avcodo, cucumber and pear. Yum!!! I also love to give you a call when I am feeling off it fills me up with love.


  2. Hi Mindi

    I hate to say it; the love, hate relationship for food has been passed down through our family for generations. I am so proud of you for finding ways to accept your food relationship. Love you Mom


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