Lady Deva

The first time I saw Mini, a 10-year-old rescue cat, I fell in love. She had the greenest eyes, the shiniest blue-black coat, and white paws. Mini was living in the apartment above the vet’s office for over a year. Due to COVID, I was introduced to her though a window. Two days later Mini was in my car going to her new home.

When we got to my house, she explored every room and lay down in a corner to take a nap. I let her sleep and called my family and friends to let them know about my new companion. After a while she woke up and kept exploring, careful not to take a step near me.

After leaving her alone, Mini finally ventured towards me for a pet on her back. I spoke quietly, telling her how happy I was that we would be living together. Listening for a few seconds, she then walked back into her corner. Between her naps she ate very little and (thankfully) used the litter box. When I got into bed that night, she climbed onto the bed and slept a distance away from me.

The next day she was very comfortable and even slept on my lap. We became fast friends. I didn’t like her name and decided that I had to change it. While speaking to my sister we had a good laugh over her name. My grandparents named my mother Mini, which she hated and changed to Mona when she was a young girl.  We then discussed new names for Mini and, after telling her what a Deva she was, I decided to rename her Lady Deva, also known as Deva. She sleeps on the bed until 10:00am each morning and only eats foods with gravy. After calling her Lady Deva a few times, she became friendlier. I guess she really didn’t like her name either.

We have been living together for over a year and I’ve learned how she wants me to behave. If I rub her back too long, she hits me with her paw. I haven’t yet learned when to stop and usually get hit every time.

When my friends or family visit, she ensures they always rub her back. Deva always sits on my lap when we are chatting so she can be part of the group. Everyone always remarks how pretty and unafraid of people she is.  

When moving into my new home I worried she would not feel comfortable. The night before the move and the next day she spent in her old apartment above the vet’s office. When I brought her home, she explored every room before coming to sit on my lap. Deva has been very happy in her new surroundings, always sitting in front of a window basking in the sun. At night we sit on the couch together while I watch television or read, and she sleeps.

I love living with Deva. I never feel alone, I always have someone to snuggle with, and she listens to whatever is going on in my life. After telling her what is bothering me, I usually find a solution.

How lucky we are to have each other.

Did you adopt or foster a pet during COVID? Please share your story in the comments below. I would love to hear it!

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