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Hi Everyone:

I am back and looking forward to connecting again. COVID has been an interesting journey. In the beginning when we were first in lockdown I was excited about using isolation to catch up on reading books, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. During the day I took long walks and got to know my neighbors. Then reality set in and I quickly realized this was no way to live. I missed my friends, going out to eat, and seeing my family. The highlight of my week was to go food shopping early in the morning when the food market was less crowded.

The Princeton Senior Resource Center (PSRC) came to my rescue and planned Zoom classes. I jumped right in, took trainings, and prepared for the TED Talk discussion group. The first Zoom call was scheduled for Tuesday, April 7,2020, and we’ve continued these calls on Tuesdays at 10:30 ever since.

I have received both vaccines, the booster, and finally started to live life again – with limitations.

Thinking about the community we have built together through the years, I’ve wondered: how can we reconnect? We could connect with each other on a blog.

I reactivated my blog, “The Power of Being Seventy.” Together let’s share memories, concerns, and the wisdom we have acquired through the years.

Please let me know your thoughts on building a community that will enrich our lives. To leave comments, click on the button below. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Helen Burton
Love Yourself Coaching

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