On December 31, 2018 my granddaughter, Caitlin and Jake were married. It was a fairy-tale wedding. The bride and groom were so happy and in love. During their first dance, they were giggling, and you could see the happiness and love in their facial expressions.

Caitlin and Jake and with the help of their bridal party worked over eight months to plan the perfect wedding. Every detail was implemented with perfection. When you walked into the venue it took your breath away.

The bride was stunning, bridesmaids and mothers of both the bride and groom were beautiful, and the two flower girls were adorable. The ushers were very handsome. Sitting there with my family, I felt emotional and so very happy for the young couple.

It was a whirlwind weekend. Caitlin’s family and friends gathered in Dublin, Georgia, on Friday, December 28, 2018, for this big event. Jake’s parents, Lisa and Jeff entertained us with Southern Hospitality. Not a second went by when we were not pampered.

It’s amazing how time marches on and things change, but the feelings of love and happiness for others never changes. Sitting at the wedding and watching, thinking how lucky I was to be enjoying this momentum event.

Life has its ups and downs and when we are given a special gift to enjoy loving moments, nothing can replace those times.

Take a deep breath and think about those special times in your life that brought a smile to your face. I would love to hear about them. Send me an email at or leave a comment on this blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Helen

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