These are our “Go -Go – Years”. It’s the time in our lives when we can love life from a new perspective. Now that we are in our 70s, our lives have taken on a different path. We have the luxury of focusing on new opportunities. We can travel, spend more time with families and friends, volunteer, go back to school or take steps to achieve our dreams.

Some of us may have health challenges which should not give us permission to just give up and say my life is over. Life still provides opportunities for which we can take advantage. Several of my friends are facing health issues. Their challenges do not stop them from meeting for dinner and attending movies or lectures. I am very grateful for my health and ability to take advantage of various opportunities.

For instance, this past summer I spent a few days with 29 other women visiting Cape May, NJ. We had a fantastic time laughing, exploring the island and sampling food at various restaurants. Even though some of the women had health issues, it did not prevent them from having a great time.

In addition, I took a cruise to Alaska and had a fantastic time. Enjoying the pristine environment and exploring the different attractions created a vacation I will never forget. We have a choice: Either we can let the years pass us by or take advantage of what life has to offer. I, for one, opt for the latter.

What are your dreams? Do you want to travel, volunteer for an organization that specializes in a cause that melts your heart, or go back to school or start a new business? The sky is your limit!

Let’s support one another in taking our first small steps. Some small steps to consider:

• Journal your thoughts to decide which goal you would like to accomplish. Remember, the sky’s the limit so write down everything you would like to do. Maybe plan a trip to Hawaii, start a small business, take a few days off and just relax around the house.

• Think about the goals for a few days before taking any action. After reading your list, which idea(s) light your fire?

• In your journal, describe your ideas in detail. Don’t omit any details.

• Think about how you would feel when this goal is accomplished.

• If you are ready to get started, write down the steps you would need to accomplish your goal.

• What action step are you going to take? Make sure the step is relatively easy to accomplish; let’s NOT make life harder on ourselves.

• Ask for support in accomplishing this goal. Write your goal in the comment section below, and let us know if we can support you in any way. Example: your goal is taking a trip to Hawaii. Ask for hotel and restaurant recommendations. Ask for suggestions about which islands to visit and any other information that would enhance your vacation.

I look forward to hearing from you. Either leave a comment on this blog or send me an email at helen@helenburton.net


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