Carolina’s Dance Recital

My great-granddaughter Carolina was going to be in a dance recital near her home in Georgia. Jill, my daughter, and I boarded a plane at Trenton Airport to Atlanta, Georgia.  Trenton Airport is very small, and the waiting area is almost non-existent. It made me very nervous sitting next to so many people not wearing a mask. I didn’t care what others were doing and wore one.

Jill reserved seats for us in the front of the plane and we were allowed to board the plane before the other passengers. The plane quickly filled up and there were no vacant seats. We landed two hours later in the Atlanta Airport.

The airport is very large, and we had to take a train to get our baggage and another one to the rental car area. Then Jill and I drove over two hours to arrive at my granddaughter’s house. Once we got there it was so exciting to see everyone — especially my great-grandchildren.

Carolina, four years old, had me doing crafts with her as soon as we arrived. After eating, Carolina, Jill (her grandmother), and I got into bed to read books. We all took turns reading a page.

The recital was at the High School starting at 10 the next morning. The auditorium was crowded and, feeling uncomfortable, I put on a mask. Carolina’s group, the Hip-Hoppers, were the first ones to perform. She knew the whole routine and had a big smile on her face the entire time. I was so excited watching her.

The other groups were adorable. Some of the girls danced and others just stood there. It was worth traveling eight hours just to watch Carolina dance for a few minutes. It brought back memories of the times we traveled to watch her mother Caitlin perform as a cheerleader for the same amount of time.

I couldn’t get over my great-grandson Logan, who is eleven months old and just starting to walk. He loves to empty cabinets in the kitchen. It is so funny to watch him as he knows he is doing something wrong, and shyly looks at his mother before starting to laugh.

My granddaughter and her husband are great parents. They are constantly playing with the kids and making them feel so special. How lucky I am to be able to enjoy them.

The Northern family members will be returning to Georgia in July to celebrate Logan’s first birthday. I can’t wait!

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My beautiful great-granddaughter Carolina!

4 thoughts on “Carolina’s Dance Recital

  1. Helen. Like many of us, you are truly blessed. Carolina is adorable.
    Thanks for sending your blog.
    Ed L.


  2. These are the times she will remember as she gets older. Her Grandma and Great Grandma were always there for her! A wonderful legacy!


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